25x CBT3 Key Giveaway! Revelaton Online

25x CBT3 Key Giveaway! Revelaton Online

By In Events On January 24, 2017

Hello everyone!

Thanks to I have 25 more CBT3 keys to give away.

In the giveaway interface below I will draw 10 winners.
For the remaining 15 Keys I will pick 15 winners from the comments. Please write why you want to participate in CBT3! Good luck!

The giveaway ends on the 27th January 2017 at 12 AM (CET).
Winners will get their keys during the next day (but I try to send them as soon as possible)!

For more chances to win a Key you can also visit the website of Rainguild.

How to enter the giveaway

– Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are several actions you can do, each giving you 1 entry, so more entries will increase your chance to win!
– You can also participate by writing in the comments of this post why you want to play in the CBT3 of Revelation Online.
– You can read more about CBT3 here:
– Winners will be announced here when the giveaway ends. In case you won you will also be contacted by email with instructions on how to redeem your code.


– Only one prize per person
– I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
– Any person trying to manipulate the contest will be disqualified.
Winners will be notified by email, so make sure to provide a valid email address.

CBT3 Key Giveaway – Revelation Online

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  • jonb86

    I love the graphics of this game, and the game play I have seen so far looks very fun and interesting, and for once in a long while, a fully open world! I’d love to try this game.

  • 专业铲猫砂

    hello,can i take a key for CBT3 of RO??i like it since CN server,but bcz the lag,i cant play so funny,i hope that EU server will be better.thx so much

  • Hunter

    Can I please have a key for the CBT? I’ve been hyped for this game for so long, but I can’t afford a pack, and haven’t gotten a key yet, no matter how many giveaways I got into. It seems like a really fun game and I want to try it. Thanks for reading.

  • Leo Fernandez

    Key pls 😀

  • Mr.Anon

    If only I can get a job I can buy It myself but here you need to be at least 18 to work and for those that will say that do chores so that your parents will give you cash… They said it’s my responsibility as a their Child…. So I really want a key.

  • Adrian Jung

    I really appreciate mmos, and i’m looking for a new one since BDO is just boring for me.. I hope Revelation Online will be great ! 🙂
    So key please 😀

  • Dish

    Well, I was looking for a game me and a friend could play but I did not know we needed keys. Derp xD. So going around trying to win a key or two for me/us. I hope everyone the best 😀

  • Katarzyna Łoboda

    I would like to finally try shiritsharper!
    Besides, I love creating characters and RO system looks appealing, something similar to Aion.

  • Rodrigo Saraiva

    I really want to do my best to improve the game, helping players and developers to grow the game as its needs to be. My search for bugs and feedbacks will never end =P

  • Angelo Resendes

    i appreciate playing MMORPGs, but most of them doesnt grow as necessary, so i really want to be part of it and help the community.

  • Lucas Rodrigues

    I’m a old player of mmos, and i will be of great help for helping new player and find bugs, sure i will be very happy for finally being a beta tester (SAO fellings)

  • AwesomeTheGreat

    All those comments about wanting to make game better or something(some might be true but most are not) but i just want to play the game 🙂

  • Invisible Boy

    I want to play this game because the game’s world makes me feel like living inside it, and flying is just awesome! Thank you ^^

  • Leekndx

    I wasn’t able play when obt1-2 out and I really want to play this game! Wish I could buy one key but I’m also not able to do that :/ Hope I’ll win one key ^^

  • Meymun

    i can not find a good mmo for a while and i feel this is the game i have been looking for

  • sencue

    Sent out all keys! Have fun. ^^

    • 专业铲猫砂

      but i didnt get it,plzzzzzzzzzz,im the 1st comment

  • Cranked

    Awesome thank you!

  • Invisible Boy

    Thank you so so so much, I’m one of the happiest people in the world right now! :))