CBT2 Key Giveaway: Revelation Online

CBT2 Key Giveaway: Revelation Online

By In Events On December 8, 2016

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to tell you, that gave me 10 Keys to give away for the second Closed Beta of Revelation Online!

How to enter the giveaway

– Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are several actions you can do, each giving you 1 entry, so more entries will increase your chance to win!
– You can read more about CBT2 here:
– Winners will be announced here when the giveaway ends. In case you won you will also be contacted by email with instructions on how to redeem your code.


– Only one key per person
– I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised.
– Any person trying to manipulate the contest will be disqualified.
Winners will be notified by email, so make sure to provide a valid email adress.

CBT2 Key Giveaway Revelation Online

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  • Death Magnet

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Harish Kaja

    Good luck GUYS!!!

  • Selcuk Yazıcı

    Good luck

  • Jerome Gideon

    All the best!!

  • vinay G

    good luck all

  • Eva Whateverr

    Good luck guys, only 5 days left ^^

    • sencue

      You are using my avatar! :O

      Good luck again to everyone. 🙂

      • Eva Whateverr

        Omg I didnt notice that! sorry :,)

    • Grey

      Good Luck to you too :]

  • Billy Shen

    best of luck to everyone =)

  • Luffy King

    Good luck 😀

  • Fuyi

    GL all !!

  • Bruno Dasley

    Good Luck

  • Aliżabda

    Gl all 😀

  • Mark Deve Capulong

    6k entries lol.. 6 per person 1:100 ratio.. goodluck to all..

  • Renjian

    Best of luck guys

  • Marvel Barte

    Please. 🙁

  • Noire Van Astrea


  • Jesus Fernandez

    my key.!!!

  • Kyoko Yuki

    please key ^^

  • Shuran Yoru

    key key key key ^^

  • Grey

    All the way!

  • did gon’ be good

  • Kat Ya

    3 days left ^^

  • Master Vaaeevje

    i need it please??

  • Cristian Couto

    Hypeeeee. this game looks so well made

  • Hezn

    good luck everyone <3 ^-^

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  • Kat Ya

    OMG…Time is ticking ;D i need a key for my friend in denmark…. i hope i can win one XD

  • Shuran Yoru

    i summon the 7 star dragon ” shenlong my wish is a close beta key” ^^

  • Kyoko Yuki

    with the power of grayskull to become a close beta key ^^

  • Aymen1


  • warloc

    Good luck me

  • Liva Bulmeistare

    god i hope i get lucky….

  • NAMI

    22 hours,,, i want it T_T

  • Jerome Gideon

    13 hours left. *heart rate increases

  • warloc




  • Aliżabda

    8 Hours left 😀

  • Grey

    10 entries in and 5 hours to go, Good Luck to all!

  • Eva Whateverr

    Just 4 hours left >_<!!! The hype is on

  • Nikola Dzony Savic

    uh i need this so hard ><

  • Eva Whateverr

    5 mins o_o

    • Grey

      60 seconds

  • Grey

    10 seconds left, aaand here we go!

  • Grey

    Apparently i haven’t received any emails so far so i can typically assume that i didn’t really get anything, soo, bye i suppose? GG

  • Aymen1

    nothing T_T

  • sencue

    Please be patient, winners will be announced today. 🙂 Same for the mails, so no need to lose hope yet! ^^’

    • sencue

      Aaand here they are! Congratulations to the winners. Please check your mails. 🙂

  • sinbad

    lol the winner monstly are user with multi account voter . you can notice there names..


  • sinbad

    and the winners are Multi account voters. just look at those name.

  • Shinji10TH

    Thank you for the giveaway, can’t wait for the 20th.