Welcome to the Request form! Currently the only option is to request character presets for Revelation Online, if you want to suggest more projects, then please use the contact form.

Important if you are a donator: You can find the Receipt # in the confirmation mail you receive from THIS site. Don’t enter the information of your PayPal Confirmation or I won’t be able to recognize your donation.

In general I do this service for free and you don’t need to pay anything.


Since I can’t keep up with the big amount of requests at the moment I decided to NOT accept every request anymore. This means, when you request a character, there will be no guarantee, that I will make this character, but I will still try to do as much as my time allows.
For donators I will make an exception of course to thank you for your generosity.
I hope you can understand, that I have to change this, because my time is limited and I can’t keep up with the big demand.

CLOSED, currently not doing any character creations

  • AlwaysBlank

    Or someone else could to help you in making characters as well so you don’t have to discard other requests?

    • sencue

      Thanks for your feedback, I will try to figure out a better system. 🙂

      • AlwaysBlank

        I am glade I could to help (if I actually helped). Well since no one said it (and unfortunately not a lot of people know about this page) I wanted to say it instead. I hope I wasn’t to rough in mail I sent, it was just my opinion on this update. I honestly like what’re you doing, my guessing that you’re talented as artist so that’s why you decided to do this. I will support you when I be able to do it since I currently cannot find job nor I have credit card xD

  • Agrita

    I sent you a pm on forum, please, check it out whenever you have time.

  • TsuMagLucy

    Can you send me Erza for the Euw Server..?

  • Paweł Lidke

    Can you send me Erza’s download link?

  • Walker

    Any chance you could send the Erza link? 😮