Exclusive – No DL

On this page I want to share the exclusive characters, that I created for people (without a download link of course!)
If any character-owner doesn’t want his/her character to be shown on this page, please contact me.

Asking for downloads of this characters is forbidden, this is an image gallery only!
Requesting the same character is not possible, if you want an anime character for example, that already exists I’ll create a new version of it with your personalization.

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  • AlwaysBlank

    Are these characters made for those who donated so that’s why we can’t download them?

    • sencue

      Exactly. 🙂

      • AlwaysBlank

        Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t sure about it so I wanted to ask.

  • Alex Luna

    isn’t hard to just use the image for reference, pretty obvious solution and really doesn’t take any skill