How to use Presets

When you downloaded the xml file you can copy it in the avatar folder of the game.

In the chinese client it’s “Netease/ty/game/avatar”.

In the CBT client it is usually “MyGames/Revelation Online/game/avatar”.

In the character creation you can load the file, but you have to be on the right character model and gender
(for example: you can’t load a loli character when you chose the normal female).

This is how it looks in the chinese client:


And here the EU/NA CBT client:


You can save and load a preset with the first two options.

I hope this helps. If you still have questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

  • Kencurles

    hi there, love your work, but it seems i can’t use these presets b/c they are xml files, can you change them into jpg files??? tks… 😀