Win 1 of 5 Deluxe Packs! *Character Creation Contest*

Win 1 of 5 Deluxe Packs! *Character Creation Contest*

By In Events On January 24, 2017

Hey everyone!

Thanks to I have 5 Deluxe Packs to give away! As a few of you might remember I planned to start an event in CBT2, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford prizes and didn’t have much time, because of christmas etc.. So I want to take this chance now and offer you the opportunity to win one of these Deluxe Packs in my Character Creation Contest!

Our reference for the character creation contest will be… a couple of Final Fantasy XIII. However you can choose to create one of the characters for your entry or do both, but only one of your characters can win.

Serah reference pictures: Click here
Snow reference pictures: Click here


  1. Please visit the following link, so can track your participation (important!): 
  2. You can choose one of the characters for your submission or do both, but only one of your characters can win. Additional submissions are not allowed.
  3. The character(s) must be your own creation.
  4. It doesn’t matter which client you use for your character creation, as long it is Revelation Online.
  5. Fill out the form below correctly and completely! You have to upload your screenshots and/or files. You can do that here for example.
  6. Editing Screenshots is forbidden. I reserve the right to ask the participant for the character xml file, if a screenshot looks suspicious to me and disqualify the participant in case of confirmed suspicion. It’s up to every participant to provide the xml file with his/her entry beforehand to prevent possible disqualification. If you need help how to submit your xml file, then feel free to contact me.
  7. Winners will be chosen by me. I commit to judge fair and appropriate. The main criterias are: “How far does it match the reference pictures?” and your creativity. I reserve the right to take more criteria into consideration.
  8. Entries will be closed on Sunday, the 29th January 2017 at 11:59 pm CET. Winners will be announced here and contacted via email on Tuesday, the 31st January 2017.
  9. After the contest I will share the winning submissions (and maybe other good ones) public on my website.
  10. Any and all participants are subject to disqualification at any point before, during and after this competition for violating the rules of participation.

For more chances to win a Deluxe Pack you can also visit the website of Rainguild.


I’m sure there are talented character creators out there and I’m looking forward to see your creations! Have fun!

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  • Ruy

    First of all, thank you so much Sencue for this great and fun contest, wish everyone good luck and win the 5 bests =D

  • Katarzyna Łoboda

    I thought I couldn’t participate in this contest, but yesterday I got key from your giveaway. I really appreciate it, thank you!
    I’ve send my interpretation of Serah. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Luneara

    Oh noes, why am I always too late 🙁 I love character creation competitions. Hope you will do something like this again. Congratz to the winners ;3