Winners *Character Creation Contest* / Serah and Snow Presets

Winners *Character Creation Contest* / Serah and Snow Presets

By In Events On January 31, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the winner announcement of my character creation contest!

I received so many nice characters, that it was really hard to decide for only 5 winners!

To be able to judge your creations better, I also tried to create Serah and Snow and I know it was a hard task! My creations are now also available as download, if you like them. 🙂

Now let’s come to the actual contest. I hope you understand, that it’s unavoidable, that my personal taste affects the judgement, though I tried to be open for any character “style”. Otherwise I judged after different criteria and decided to add a few words to every winner, so you are able to understand better. 🙂

(Please note: I took my own screenshots of the characters I had the file of.)

Main criteria:
– Overall aesthetic of the character
– Face expression (compared to the reference)
– Face proportions
– Body proportions

Sad is, that some characters had very good looking faces imo, but unfortunately the bodies were either completely off or there was no bodyshot/file, so I couldn’t let those win. I’m sorry for those participants, but hope you understand.

The following order doesn’t represent any ranking!

1st winner: Sunako


I think this is the closest attempt I saw in terms of the face proportions. Good job!

2nd winner: Karolina


This character might not have the proper face proportions of Serah, but it represents her expression very well. The eyes are so pretty!

3rd winner: Christina


Except of the eyes all the proportions are close, especially the body. The expression is also very similar to Serah. Love the lips!

4th winner: Chimander


He’s lacking his sexappeal imo, but I guess that’s just my taste. xD I like the color effect in the hair, the white with the blonde shimmer, points for creativity. :p Overall the upper part of the face is very close.

5th winner: Anamixus


The best Snow I saw in the contest. Proportions are very close and I like the choice of the hairstyle.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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  • Karolina

    Thank you so much! *tears of joy*
    I barely woke up and my day has been just made xD
    Also, congratulations to the other winners!!

  • Ruy

    ho =( gratz to all